Dear AppSumo customer,

Thank you for supporting us in our early days. My name is Saps and I'm one of the founders at Airboxr. I'm reaching out with some exciting updates on your AppSumo plan. 

It's now easier to track your usage.

Since launching on AppSumo, we have added more enrichment options. Multiple enrichment options made tracking your usage more difficult since not all enrichments were equally valuable. So, we have changed tracking from credits to real dollar values. When you log into your account and go to the profile page, you will find a new dollar balance—if you subscribed to the base plan and haven't used your credits yet, you will now see a $25 balance (instead of 600 "credits"). 

You can now top-up your balance.

"What happens when I run out of credits?" was a popular feedback we received. You can now top-up your balance for any amount right within the extension. Any top-up balance you purchase will never expire. 

How does your balance get used?

Your balance gets used when you use Airboxr to enrich data from external sources. For now, it means that you expend your balance when you:

  • Run a people search to find leads
  • Find business e-mail for your leads
  • Enrich company information from domains

Costs for each of the above range from 1c to 4c (dropped from 6c). You can find current costs here.

What about your integrations?

Since data integrations don't use credits, nothing changes for you. You can continue to use all the integrations available on the extension as you've always done.

To check out your account, simply click here to open a new Google Sheet, then go to Extensions → Airboxr to launch the extension.

Thank you for your continued support!