Within our Airboxr extension for Google Sheets, you are able to enrich your spreadsheets with external data—you can use it for prospecting for leads, finding contact details, or enrichment lead and company details. Each action or result uses a small amount of balance (usually in cents).

As of 15 August, 2022, here is how your balance is allocated:

  • According to your subscribed plan, you will receive 100% of your monthly subscription amount back as balance—if you are not a very heavy user, it is unlikely you will need to top-up more balance.

  • This subscription balance expires every month.

  • You can also top-up with more balance based on your usage. This top-up balance never expires.

This is how balance is expended when you use them for enrichment:


Balance used

People Search

2 cents per 10 results/leads

E-mail Search

4 cents per e-mail found

Company Enrichment

1 cent per company enriched

Your subscription balance is always used first for the above. After subscription balance is expended, your top-up balance will be used.

Got questions? Write to us at hey@airboxr.com and we will get back to you ASAP.