My Hop is taking too long to run. What do I do?

Sometimes a Hop may take a while to run, depending on whether there is a lot of data to process or if a particular Hop analysis is complex. If this happens, you will see a prompt asking if you want to receive an email when the analysis is complete...

Why don't my Shopify sales match my Shopify reports dashboard?

There are a few different reasons why your Airboxr output may not perfectly match Shopify's reporting dashboard. Refund dates Airboxr imports the data from your orders and then aggregates them to provide you with the output. We always tag the refu...

What should I know about data security?

Data security is paramount to us since you trust us with every data integration you add. Here, we talk about what happens to your data and delve deeper into what the permissions mean: Data at Rest We do not store any data from third-party sources ...

Why do my Facebook reports no longer run?

Some background information, and how to reconnect your Facebook data source.

How does Airboxr calculate customer lifetime value (LTV)?

Learn how LTV is calculated with your Shopify data.

What should you keep in mind when working with Airboxr AI.

Using Airboxr AI for decision-making.

How do I manage multiple stores on one account?

Workspaces, explained.

Why do my variant sales numbers not match?

If your variant sales numbers don't match, or you're seeing a - where the product and variant names should be, it's likely because of a deleted variant. If you delete a variant, information from all previous orders also gets deleted. For example, ...

Why don't some of my Klaviyo metrics match with my dashboard?

Top reasons why you may see discrepancies between your Klaviyo dashboard and Airboxr exports.

How does the Market Basket Analysis help build product bundles?

Learn the mechanics of how Airboxr recommends product bundles.