Enrich Company is a tool that helps you learn more about folks that sign up. Your CRM even at the best of times always has incomplete data about the companies using your products or services. With Airboxr, you can now enrich company data from just its domain name to find prospects, learn more about the companies that sign up on your website/platform & upload enriched company data to your existing CRM systems.

How to enrich company data on LinkedIn using Airboxr ENRICH:

  • Prepare your Google Sheet with Company URLs

  • On the Airboxr add-on, select 'Enrich Company'

  • Choose the header name of the row on your Google Sheet which refers to Company URLs

  • Append any data you'd like (website, industry, headquarters, etc)

  • Click on 'Enrich'

  • Your sheet will be populated with industry, and other information!

You may use this sample sheet with prefilled data to understand how enrich company works in Airboxr:

Sample companies to enrich


I have Company URLs of 10 sales prospects and want to fetch their headquarters.

  1. Open a Google sheet with a list of company websites

  2. Click on Extensions in top navigation bar

  3. Open Airboxr

  4. On the Airboxr home page, click 'Enrich'

  5. Select 'Enrich Company'

  6. Choose the header name of the row on your Google Sheet which contains your Company URLs

  7. Select headquarter inside Append

  8. Click on ‘Enrich’

  9. Voila! The headquarters of your sales prospects are right there inside your Google Sheets