Find people using ENRICH is a tool that enables you to work on people data at scale, pulled from LinkedIn. This is an efficient way to build sales funnels at scale, search for prospects, investors, or candidates.

How to find people on LinkedIn using Airboxr:

  • On the Airboxr home page, click 'Enrich'

  • Select 'Find People'

  • Key in the following information where relevant:

    • company domain you're searching for

    • job title or department you're looking for

    • keywords you're looking for in people's profiles

    • specify country to focus on

  • Click on 'Find Leads'

  • Your sheet will be populated with information!


I want to find out people who work at in the marketing department and are from India.

  1. Open a new Google sheet

  2. Click on Extensions in top navigation bar

  3. Open Airboxr

  4. On the Airboxr home page, click 'Enrich'

  5. Select 'Find People'

  6. Key in the following information:

    1. company domain (

    2. department (marketing)

    3. country (India)

  7. Click on 'Find Leads'

  8. Your sheet will be populated with information that you requested (Linkedin URL, Full Name, Job Title and Company Name)