Airboxr is a powerful tool that lets you do many different tasks critical for your company or business, all in one spreadsheet.

Airboxr offers one-click analytics across data platforms for your marketing teams. Watch this video for a walkthrough of some of the things Airboxr can do:

What you can do with Airboxr:

No-Code Querying

AirHops are Airboxr's main feature. They are no-code queries that allow you to import very specific data insights to support your data analytics. Using AirHops has become a part of countless Airboxr users' business intelligence strategies.

One-Click Reporting

Templates are a marketer's best friend. Airboxr offers loads of ready-made templates to process all sorts of reports that you may need on a regular basis. Simply open up the template, load the Airboxr add-on, and click Refresh Data for all your important data points to appear.

Finding leads

Airboxr can also be used to find leads for sales or recruitment. This can be done using the Find People and Find Emails functions under the Enrich feature.

How to use Airboxr's Features: